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a 20 icons in 20 days challenge community

Crossover Icon Challenge - 20 icons in 20 days
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about crossover20in20
Inspired by celeb20in20, crossover20in20 is an icon challenge community that requires participants to make 20 icons of their chosen subject based on given themes in 20 days. Icons are then put up in a poll and winners for each theme are decided by popular vote. The subjects chosen by makers for this community must be in relation to a crossover of two fandoms. Fandoms within the same universe, such at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, count as a single fandom. Moderated by arcesso and meekosan.

rules & regulations
01. Rules for claiming will differ each month. Claims can be made by character, by pairing, by fandom, or by crossover combination (two or three fandoms at once), depending on the month, HOWEVER, each icon must contain an element from at LEAST two separate fandoms.
02. All icons must be new and made freshly for the challenge. If you're found to be using old icons for your set, you will be banned from participating in the next round. If you're found doing it repeatedly, you'll be banned permanently.
03. All icons can be posted anytime between when the themes post goes up and when the voting goes up, but once voting has begun, sign-ups are closed.
04. You may make only one claim per round. Please do not make a claim if you don't intend to follow through with making your icons.
05. You may not vote for yourself. Corollary, please vote based on quality; don't just vote for your friends, and don't have your friends join the community just to vote for you.
06. You must be a member of the community to vote or participate.
07. All icons must fit standard livejournal format. (100x100 or smaller, under 40kb, .png/.gif/.jpg format, etc.)
09. All icons must be your own work. Do not steal icons from other livejournal users and claim them as your own. Do not have someone else make your icons for you. Do not use photo manipulations made by other livejournal users without their express permission.
10. Please keep your icons PG-13 or lower.

themes & voting
Around the 25th of each month, sign-ups will be posted for the next month's round. On the 1st of the month, a list of themes will be posted -- 10 themes, 1 category (5 icons), leaving room for 5 artist's choice icons. Awards will be given out in each of the themed categories, for the winner of the category group, for the top 3 artist's choice icons, and for one mod's choice icon. On the 20th, voting will be posted and will continue for 5 days. On the 25th, winners will be posted, and the next round's sign-ups will begin.
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Interested in becoming an affiliate? Drop a PM to meekosan or email meekosanbb@gmail.com!

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